I was unfollowing people today and i realized 2 things : i follow a lot of people with harry icons and it’s time for my favorite blogs of 2013!!! yay!!!

So here are (in no particular order bc lazy) my fave people:

lilcraiic ohstylesno hscurls indiemalik tomlins cuminmydirection ashtenirwn mmalik zaynz fostertheppl stylesfarts clapbacking gostyles wankstyles payzer paynut purrmalik yayhaz zaynsmalik edsheerant zaynrocksmyworld omglouis harrycmon thirstyniall flawlessirish tomlinsarse finnysmiths niallslaugh harryxzayn everniam manlyliam swoggy harrystylesd  moaningforhoran outtatheskies whiteskimos styles-malik niallkawaii wmyb maistyles mr-styles niallsaintlaurent stairsboys stylessluts epicdirection zarauhl stylesness playedtilmyfingersbled horaneyes jamesniall feelingstyles

And here are really special people and you’re all special because of reasons so i’m just gonna say why okay

harcels -damn gurl i can’t even tell you how much i love you, i never thought it was possible to get so used and attached to someone you met on the internet and we know each other for a year now and jfc you’re amazing and i love you SO much and sdhjhs it would get too long if i wrote all that i want to write <3

genmastyles - yooo beth you’re like my best friend on here and you have no idea how grateful i am for all the things you sent to me and even tho like i feel you don’t really want to talk to me recently i love you very much and i hope we will stay friends for a looooong time

zourrys - you’re super nice and i love your edits and i wish we talked more because i really enjoyed that but i’m still too scared to talk to you sigh

dirtysmouth - i just LOVE to talk to you about after (you need to catch up!!) and generally great person and ily

omgzayn - your edits are perfect and you’re so so so so pretty and you always reblog my edits and i just love you for that bc you get me followers lmao

motelstyles - you’re one of those people i admire from afar and i wish they followed me and your posts are great and yeah ily

feelszarry - idk we never talk but i consider you one of the closer people and i feel like we have this special silent friendship and also edits 

dirtsbag - autumn your daydreams, damn the daydreams!!! you have writing talent and you always have cute themes also your eyebrows game is always hella strong and you’re generally so pretty uh

hstuyles - you’re also my after buddy and i just love how we talk about bringing after harry to life also your edits omg you’re always on my dash

styzles - i love your edits and your blog and i am grateful for those like 3 days of you following me and i need to talk to you more bc you’re so nice and yeah ily

edsharran - you’re like my best friend bc you sent me the book and i love it so much and you’re so cool and i wish we talked as much as we used to during summer bc i miss you very much

blamestyles - kammy you’re always so nice and we’re friends for such long time but i love you very much and you always help me when i need this and yeah you’re the best

niallar - i have no idea how i convinced you to follow me back but your blog is amazing and i live for your narry posts and you’re amazing in general 

captainmalik - yo my polish homie and i love you very much and idk you’re great remember when i used to hate you good times man

mczayn - you’re special because you always buy me alcohol when i need you (i need it for nye wink wink) but in general i hate you bc your selfies make me depressed so you can fuck off

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