hello i've decided to leave this blog because, truth to be told, i didn't feel wanted anymore, my friends kind of abandoned me and i felt irrelevant in general.

i can't delete this account completely because i have sideblogs that i still want to keep so i'll just leave it be.

there's small possibility that i'll come back when One Direction does something interesting or start touring again and it will make the fire in my heart burn again, we'll see

if you want to contact me, for some reason here's my:
instagram 5sos blog

also if you want to, you can always message me here but don't explect me to answer quickly, i won't be on here much, sorry

i want to say that i love you all very much and i've had amazing 3 years on here and i am really grateful that i found one direction and created this blog and met all of you and will miss you dearly.

goodbye or maybe see you soon :)

Sara aka Queen xx